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Pararescue Chief Master Sergeant

The pea brain mind of phony Seals never ceases to amaze me. The antics, excuses and new things I discover about them is like new advances in science and medicine. The latest trend is phonies outing other phonies and I guess they don't like the competition; King of the Hill type stuff. The worst phony I've ever outed routinely calls me and rats out other phonies with complete details on how I can find them and what their claiming.

I was contacted by a guy once who ratted out two phony Seals at two different VFW's he was a member of and both phonies were in leadership positions. One had just been voted in as Post Commander of one of those VFW's the other was part of

its ceremonial honor guard. Both resigned in shame. I received an email shortly after the outing from the former Post Commander who was a little irritated that I outed his friend. He told me I should have a close look at the guy who ratted him out and he sent me his DD-214 that showed him to be a SAR Swimmer during the first Gulf War who received a Silver Star and Purple Heart for his rescue of a downed aviator that he used for VFW membership. We requested HIS records and they came back today. 5-months in the Navy in 1982 before he was kicked out and 8-years before the Gulf War even began. No Silver

Star, no Purple Heart; he forged a DD-214 for VFW membership. A phony who outs other phonies. What's next??? Lots of guys on Facebook help me out phonies. Masters with keyboards they help track these clowns down and are indispensable. Indispensable except when their phonies themselves and I'm forced to learn another hard lesson.

One Facebook friend was a strange guy. We were friends on Facebook but I didn't know him outside of that. He posted constantly on my page and when he'd leave a comment he'd Like his own comment. Strange. He claimed he was a Private Investigator, or so he said and he would look up backgrounds on guys I was looking into and send it to me. When I did post a

phony it was him who attacked first. After he attacked the phony he begin attacking his family and his attacks were ruthless and vulgar and I'd often tell him to stop and tone it down. There was no good reason to do that, no good reason to go to those lengths and certainly not by a man in his 50's.

I attacked a phony SEAL once who had a large following of the Tin Hat club; the conspiracy theorist guys and gals and when I attacked their phony leader they LASHED OUT AT ME IN FORCE. The verbal beating they gave me included messages of

love and nothing but kind words that I was just ignorant of the fact that he was a Secret SEAL. I never received a single threat from them.

My Facebook Friend however began posting headless corpses on my Facebook saying they were threats he received from the group and that he had his wife in hiding because of them; I realized then that he was full of shit and got as far away from him as I could but not before I did something stupid that I now regret. It was a letter I wrote as a recommendation for him to get into the Texas State Guard. I explained in the letter how he helped me out SEAL imposters and how I though he would benefit the organization in Texas. It was a very flattering and professionally written letter.

Fast forward a year when this clown finally ended his stalking of me for Un-Friending him on Facebook. He ended his stalking of me because he had bigger problems, the biggest was he was exposed as a phony Air Force Lieutenant Colonel pilot on the Internet.

I'll offer a tip for guys exposed as imposters on the Internet. Don't fight it, you only make it worse when a well-known and reputable organization outs you. They do their homework, they have the proof and 1800 nasty comments later he's even more famous than when he started blaming his wife for hacking his accounts and posting lies. Oh Boy. Perhaps the most notable phony I encountered showed up for my training course.

Friday before the course begins on Saturday is a busy day with last minute preparations and Friday afternoon a truck pulls into the driveway with an older man who was attending my course the next day. I was only mildly irritated as he was out of state and said he just wanted to make sure he knew where he was going the next day. He was staying at a local hotel. I said Just be here before 2 pm tomorrow. As he was leaving I had a strange feeling that I'd met him before. If Friday isn't bad enough, Saturday morning is even worse before the guys begin arriving. It's that last chance we have to get it together before all hell breaks loose in a few hours. Sitting outside at 0800 having coffee and making some notes, I hadn't even had a shower and dressed when here comes that damn truck again. I was kinda pissed but I didn't show it. I know guys are nervous before the courses and it's not the first time someone has showed up early. I welcomed him and directed him to the cabin and said we'd be with him soon. Make some coffee and relax, Bro. First thing I notice is he's wearing a Vietnam Vet hat and a vest with all kinds of Navy military patches. As he walked away I noticed his license plates were issued for a Purple Heart. Hidden with a plastic plate over the actual plate I could make out a part of a SEAL Trident that he covered before he arrived. Houston, we have a problem, I could not place him but I knew I knew him from somewhere. Soon I was back at the cabin having coffee with him and asking questions. When I asked about the Vietnam hat he explained that he drove the boats in Vietnam that inserted SEALs. When I asked when he did that he said 1974. SEALs left Vietnam in November, 1972 and all hostilities ended in early 1973 with the signing of the Paris Peace Accords. I knew right then and there that this was about to get uncomfortable. I went to the house and searched his name on my email and found out I had outed him as a Phony SEAL a couple years

earlier. What a set of brass balls this guy had and I was insulted that he thought I was that dumb. This clown is about to be around my students for a week with his Vietnam BS and around my SEAL Instructors. Worst was he was going to be around

Master Chief Hershel Davis that had served in Vietnam as a SEAL. Hershel would pick him apart and it would not be pretty. I confronted him quickly and escorted him off the property.

Finally, The worst part of my week has been the discovery that a young Navy SEAL who was wounded in Iraq and died on the operating table had and still has a phony SEAL for a father. It disturbs me greatly that he most certainly became a SEAL because of his father's BS and his father still claims it today stealing his own dead SEAL sons Valor. I was very glad to out him as a phony SEAL and I'm sure his son would have thanked me for doing it.

Our first course began on April 19th and it'll be strange. The Travel Channel will be here for the third time but with a twist. This time the host of one of their shows will be going through Hell Night with the April Guys and I'm a little nervous. I figured the host would be the typical, young, Man vs Food type host but I was wrong. He's a retired Pararescue Chief Master Sergeant and very accomplished retiring in 2006. Hell Night will be interesting not only from the fact that he'll be attending but also that the Travel Channel is bringing 14 people to film the 24 hours. I'm sure my patience will be tested.

I can still take a couple guys for April. The June, July and first course in August is filled but I can take a couple for the second week Advanced Operator in all three months. There is still room in the second August 23rd course and the second week AOT.

September and October Advanced Courses still have openings. It's going to be a great year. Sign up soon and KICK SOME BUTT! For anyone who is contemplating hurting themselves or others after receiving my emails please click the link below to be removed from my email list.

Don Shipley - Extreme SEAL Experience - - (757) 572-7203

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