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Paranormal Wisconsin: Marinette County

A photo of Marinette Courthouse
A photo of Marinette Courthouse
Bobak Ha'Eri/Wikimedia Commons

Marinette County, located in Northern Wisconsin is a place of rich history from the history of past lumberjacks, commercial fishermen to the tragic Peshtigo Fire. Thanks to the website Wisconsinosity! for the research, below are some odd stories that deal with Marinette County. They might surprise you or make you want to travel to the area to learn more about the local history and even its paranormal side.

Bagley Road in Marinette is said to be haunted by a phantom car. While there isn't too much information about it both Wisconinosity! and Unexplained Research listed it as a haunted road. It sounds very much like an urban legend that was created for this road. Then again maybe there is a phantom car?

Like stated before in Peshtigo there was a fire that destroyed much of a lands and killed many people. Like many tragedies, people believe that there are ghosts that come after them. Gettysburg is one place known for that, and how haunted the area is said to be. Well in both books "Spooky Wisconsin" and "Northern Frights" there is talk about ghosts of the victims.

In Crivitz there is a lake called Devils Lake, some people think the place is cursed and haunted. In Athelstane according to UFO Wisconsin there was a sighting of an UFO, also there was one in Armstrong Creek, Coleman, and Pembine there have been reported sites.

Bigfoot is another creature that is said to be roaming the area. One report of Bigfoot involves two hunters and them finding prints of Bigfoot. Read the full report here, and make your own judgement. The sighting happened in 1999. That's not the only report that is around the area, but one of many.

So Marinette County is a place that is reportedly filled with ghosts, sightings of UFOs, a creepy lake with a devilishly name, and Bigfoot is said to be roaming around, that is if you believe in these sort of things. For those who live around the area please share your stories if you've seen anything out of the ordinary!

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