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Paranormal trigger objects: Let the party begin!

"What will they be interested in?"
"What will they be interested in?"

Paranormal trigger objects are used to draw a connection…plain and simple. They are inanimate objects that will hopefully attract an entities attention, resulting in some type of physical contact that will be documented.

This is, of course, assuming that these spiritual entities are drawn to this type of stimuli in the first place or are even interested. We are, after all, assuming they have retained some semblance of their former personality after they have passed on.

This may not be the case, but we plug on as if it were.

Often investigators are targeting the spirits of children. Consequently these trigger objects are more in line with a child’s playful and inquisitive nature: toys, stuffed animals, trinkets, dolls, balls and colorful lights, etc. The aim is to stimulate and to play. Play is what we set out to do, but often with questionable results.

Are these ‘children’ what they were when they lived in the earthly realm as youngsters or have they transcended into something else? Do they have that same mindset of childhood innocence? Or…could it possibly be ‘something’ imitating a child? You should ask these questions.

In the “science” of paranormal theory, there are no absolutes. Never have been, never will be.

A current hot trend of trigger objects to draw the awe of child spirits is the teddy-bear. My friend and fellow Examiner writer, John Albrecht Jr., alerted me to the availability of a 7” model with a 120 decibel alarm that is activated by vibration of the stuffed teddy. Another larger model has EMF capabilities, detecting electrical energy which illuminates the teddy’s head and paws when a spirit draws near.

There is a wide range of expense between the two models, with it ultimately depending upon what the investigator wants. Now…give me a teddy-bear that will not only encompass the vibration detection but also the EMF read and I will pull my checkbook out!

Adult spirits tend to bind themselves to not only places, but also earthly possessions. These are often a harder nut to crack in determining what may draw them. It’s often a process of trial and elimination. Is it a book, a pair of boots or clothing, a favorite car, or a sentimental photograph? Is it a particular piece of music or, if they were a drinking sort, a bottle of booze set on a bar they frequented?

Paranormal investigations almost always seem to predominantly circulate around digital audio EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recording sessions and our own rendition of David Letterman’s Stupid Pet Tricks where we ask spirits to perform, most often with trigger objects of some sort. I cringe every time they are instructed to move a ball, thump on the wall, or communicate through a KII EMF meter’s colorful array of lights. I cringe because I am guilty of doing it too, and will most likely continue to do so. It’s just where we are at this stage of paranormal investigations in this era of exploration. I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

Trigger objects are a must in the tool box arsenal of a paranormal investigator; everyone should have a few. As we experiment in this realm of uncertainty, every tool we have at our disposal becomes a necessity. Time will tell as far as the results.

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