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Paranormal teams share their expertise at Phoenix ComiCon 2014

MVD Ghostchasers
MVD Ghostchasers
Photo by Debe Branning

Several paranormal teams from Arizona and California were on hand for Phoenix ComiCon 2014 (June 6 through 8) to offer their investigative techniques, suggest tips in pursuing a paranormal pastime, and share some of their wild adventures seeking the unknown.

Alameda Paranormal Researchers were guests at the Phoenix ComiCon 2014
Photo courtesy of Alameda Paranormal Researchers

Thursday evening, team members from TAzRPS showed clips of video evidence from several of the investigations they have explored throughout the years. They took time to explain what equipment works best, and how to set up audio and cameras to get the best coverage while out in a haunted environment.

This was followed by a discussion on the Trials and Tribulations of the Demonic by the Crossing Over Paranormal Society (COPS Crew). They explained what it is like to investigate in homes where seemingly the activity could only be explained to be the work of the demonic. They discussed how they prepared for such cases and how the aftermath affects the team and their families.

On Friday, authors/investigators Katie Mullaly and Patrick Ohlde offered "A Travel Guide to Arizona’s Spookiest Spots." Their top 4 haunted destinations were the George and Dragon Pub in Phoenix, Casey Moore’s Oyster House in Tempe, the Arizona Museum of Natural History in Mesa, and the Inn at Castle Rock in Bisbee. They shared some of the known ghost tales of these locations. They discussed their personal technique of investigating where each team member does a walk through of a location, writes down their experiences, and compares their findings with the team in the end.

Crossing Over Paranormal Society was back to debate “What is a ‘Ghost’?” They opened up ideas to ponder—are there really spirits haunting our surroundings, or are they something we manifest on our own? Each team member has a different spiritual background which seems to mesh well when the group compiles their findings and evidence.

Team TAzRPS returned to talk more about Paranormal Investigation Techniques and explained some of the basic equipment they carry with them out in the field. The group demonstrated just how easy it is to get results from the equipment by playing back film and audio clips from the haunted Vulture Mine and answered many questions from the guests.

Later team SWARS (Southwest Anomalous Research Society) provided additional information on the equipment they use on investigations and how they research property and history of past and present owners, and some the documents associated to the haunted locations—always a key for comparing and analyzing evidence.

Saturday afternoon the paranormal fest continued with four groups coming together to talk about the difference between real life investigating and doing a ghost hunt on television or various forms of media. Tucson investigators SAGAPS discussed their experiences with filming on SyFy Channel’s “Paranormal Challenge” and “Killer Contact”. Coming all the way from California, team Alameda Paranormal Researchers, Paranormal EXP, and the Dead Explorer discussed their involvements with other paranormal TV projects and the pros and cons with becoming media sensations.

The longtime local Arizona paranormal team, MVD Ghostchasers, offered a powerful presentation of over forty haunted locations they have personally visited in the past five years in England, Scotland, and Ireland. Sprinkled with dozens of photos of haunted castles, historical and legendary locations, (and evidence of a ghost or two), these ladies have had the opportunity to tread on some of the most haunted paths of Europe and loved taking the guests along for the journey.

Later that evening the COPS Crew were back to discuss Life after Death. Discussing their own near death experiences, the team provided the reasons for their motivation in the paranormal field and why they seek the truth and answers for clients that need their assistance facing fear of the unknown.

Sunday at Phoenix ComiCon concluded with two full afternoon sessions on EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) provided by the TAzPRS team. Guests were able to listen to recordings of EVP to determine classifications and the ways the recordings were analyzed.

All in all, guests with an interest in the paranormal were provided with a well-balanced menu of the things they needed to know when they venture out on that next ghost investigation and the local teams look forward to providing more information at future events.

Phoenix ComiCon 2014:

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