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Paranormal Romances Will Make You Shiver--and Not Just From Fear

Scent of Lavender
Scent of Lavender
Teri Thackston

It’s October at last. In Texas, that means cooler temperatures (finally), lower humidity, homecoming games, and Halloween. It also is a great time for reading paranormal romance.

This subgenre of the romance novel world has been around long enough now to have become a staple on bookstore shelves and in the homes of many romance novel fans. But for those who aren’t familiar with the subgenre, briefly, paranormal romances feature supernatural elements such as vampires, shape shifters, or ghosts that figure strongly in the romance itself.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the hero is a ghost or that the heroine can turn herself into a wolf—although that can be the case. Vampire heroes and heroines are extremely popular, representing the dangerous and forbidden aspects of love and sensuality. Dangerous demons can threaten the characters, or perhaps the villain is an ancient sorceress. As long as the romance is the key to the story, any level of paranormal activity can be involved as well.

Texas is home to several popular romance authors. Kerrelyn Sparks and Nina Bangs are both bestselling authors of vampire romances, as is Gerry Bartlett. Kim Lenox writes about a race of immortals that protects our world from those with deteriorated souls. Regina Carlysle’s paranormal romances feature sexy shapeshifters.

These are just a few of the fabulous writers of paranormal romance that the Examiner has interviewed in the past couple of years. Stick around this month for more interviews with some of your favorites, and learn what led them to deliver their stories from the spooky worlds that make us shiver.