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Paranormal Investigator’s tool bag – trigger objects

You pull up to the investigation location and pop open the truck of your car. Your trunk is packed with road cases, backpacks, duffle bags and totes full of your team’s paranormal investigation equipment. After a couple of trips you finally have all your gear inside.

The team opens up those cases and bags and takes out the paranormal arsenal and sets them out on the table. You line up the various types of EMF detectors which flash lights when an electromagnetic field is present. Got your hand held camcorders and the infrared illuminators are ready to go. Plenty of digital voice recorders to go around to hopefully catch the voices of spirits.

REM (Radiating EM) devices produce a field around its antenna and when that field is disrupted the REM device sets off audio and visual alarms alerting the team something is there. They are placed in various locations that were said that there were feelings of being watched.

Vibration detectors are set up in an area where footsteps were heard. In an area that shadows were seen you’ll set up your laser grid and shadow detection device. Anything that moves and breaks the beams from the laser grid will set off the shadow detectors alarm.

Motion sensors are strategically placed to detect movements in hallways and large rooms. You can’t be everywhere so you set up your surveillance cameras to keep an eyeful watch for you. Some of the team will be at the monitor station vigilantly watching the monitors during the investigation. Looking for something and waiting for one of those detectors or sensors to sound their alarm.

All your equipment is deployed; cameras in place and you’re ready to go. If anything is here you’ll find it. The team members, that are set to do the first investigating, grab their flashlights, meters , digital recorders and cameras. But what about the trigger objects?

What is a trigger object? Simply put it is something that triggers or causes something to happen which can be audible, visual or even by touch. Trigger objects can also increase the chance of an interaction of some kind. Trigger objects can be any shape or form.

Believe it or not every paranormal team already has trigger objects which is each individual investigator. How many times have you gone to a party or met someone who looks and sounds like someone you know? It seems easier to break the ice with them since there is a familiarity. Maybe one of the team is familiar to what you are trying to contact and increase the likelihood of an EVP or personal experience.

There are many teams that, when starting an EVP session, will offer something like candy, fruit, or a drink saying “I thought you might like this”. Something thoughtful may go a long way.

It is theorized that personality traits like curiosity or a sense of humor carry over. All that gear you brought can be trigger objects as well. Maybe that REM device peaked something’s curiosity as it plays with it causing it to sound its alarm. That investigator at the monitor station flies out of the chair pointing to the monitor “Did you see that”?

Or the investigators hearing a device go off only to arrive to that room to encounter silence. Then hearing another device go off in a different room and following chase to the delight of a prankster spirit.

At many private investigations many times it is thought that a loved one or a previous owner is still here. Even things loved like music, a hobby, a trade or a favorite object like a piece of jewelry can be a powerful trigger item.

Using audio can be a great trigger item. You’ll see ghost hunting show in foreign lands conducting EVP sessions in English. Who will understand what they are saying? Here in Arizona there is a strong Mexican heritage. Our team scripts 10 questions and records them in Spanish. During a session we will say the question in English and after a short pause we will play the same question recorded in Spanish.

On an investigation at a hospital and we recorded things that you would hear in a hospital. “Paging Dr Smith, Code blue room 227, sounds of gurneys going down the hallway, heart monitor bleeps and surgeons asking for suction, clamps etc.

We had various items like hospital mask, scalpel and clamps on a table in the operating room. We called out that we have an emergency patient coming to the OR and we need a doctor immediately. This staged event and the audible trigger objects helped us capture an EVP saying “get a doctor”.

Some very smart investigators have taken actual EM meters, vibration sensors and other devices and put them inside toys or other objects. A child spirit will be more enticed to come by a teddy bear with a meter than come by you holding a meter.

You can throw a plain hook in the water and you may catch a fish. But if you use bait on the hook you increase your chances. Using trigger objects in the right situations could provide your team success in collecting evidence.

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