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Paranormal Investigator’s tool bag – REM disturbance devices

REM Disturbance Device
REM Disturbance Device

One item you may have seen on your favorite ghost hunter show on TV is a REM disturbance device. Well what actually does REM mean? Many of us recognize this as Rapid Eye Movement but in the paranormal field it means something totally different.

Basically REM is Radiating Electro-Magnetic. REM disturbance device uses a mini telescopic antenna which radiates an independent EM Field around the unit. This EM field can be easily influenced by objects that enter that field. Based on proximity and strength of the distortion of the EM field, the unit uses audible and visual elements that mirror the amount of distortion of its EM field.

The REM disturbance device can be set up in locations that have said paranormal activity. It can be monitored by your camera to record any activity giving you both an audio and visual alarm when something comes close.

Many investigators also use the REM disturbance device as a means of communicating similar to using a K-ll EM meter. During a session the investigator would ask a series of yes or no questions. The idea is if a response is yes the instruction is to come close to the REM disturbance device.

Another feature that many paranormal investigators don’t realize is a REM disturbance device can double as a trigger object monitor for metallic items. Simply clip a lead onto the antenna of the REM disturbance device and attach it coins, tools, toys as long as it is metal. Anything that comes close to that object will trigger the unit.

The REM disturbance device is a great addition for your paranormal kit. While the more popular brand of REM devices have a few nice features such as a glow in the dark top they do run close to $200. There is a manufacturer that has a nice unit for less than $100.

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