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Paranormal Investigator’s tool bag – Most important tool

Open up the Paranormal Investigator’s tool bag and you will find EM meters, REM devices, IR illuminators and other gadgets and gizmos. But the most important tool is the one carrying that bag, the investigator himself.

As a paranormal investigator you have to have a positive mindset. While you will be working with like-minded people there are so many personality types. You will need some people skills.

There are many different reasons people investigate the paranormal. For some it was a near death experience and they looking for an explanation of what happened during that brief time. Many have experienced presumably paranormal activity and searching for an answer as to why that happened. Different religious beliefs and point of views of others should always be respected.

The seasoned investigator needs to set an example for newer investigators. You need to follow proper investigation procedures. While paranormal investigating is not your day gig it is still a profession and you need to conduct yourself in a professional manner.

Sure we use our meters and other devices but they should not be the only thing to base any evidence on. Your five senses and in some cases your 6th sense are your best tools and you should be focused on investigations. The last thing any investigator would want is to contaminate any evidence themself.

When personal experiences coincide with equipment responses there is more of a probability. We are investigating paranormal activity which is seen, heard, smelled, touched and even tasted. Everything from a piece of gear registering something to team member’s experience should be documented. So many times you leave an investigation with only personal experiences.

The latest piece of gear that was designed to promote paranormal research is only experimental and as one manufacture puts it “intended for entertainment purposes only”. While all these tools aid us it is the investigator who is the most important tool.

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