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Paranormal Investigator’s tool bag – EMF meters K-ll meter

Black K-ll EMF Meter
Black K-ll EMF Meter
manufactured by K-II Enterprises Syracuse, NY

EMF meters are designed to measure the EMF strength of every electrical device in your home, workplace or school. They also can detect outdoor power lines and underground lines.

Health concerns about the negative effects of ELECTRO MAGNETIC FIELDS (EMF) from appliances, power lines, and home wiring have caused the U.S. Government to issue a warning to reduce your exposure to this risk.

Paranormal investigators adopted the K-ll for use during investigations to detect fluctuations of the electromagnetic field. The theory is everything; including spirits have an electrical charge and paranormal occurrences disrupt electromagnetic fields. The K-ll was made popular by SyFy Channel’s show Ghost Hunter.

The K-ll is very simple to use. It measures five level milliGauss ranges and each corresponds to a light on the meter. The more lights that are lit mean the higher the EMF field. Many investigators strictly use the K-ll pre-investigation to determine where man made EMF fields exist from appliances and electrical wiring. Those locations are noted for the investigation.

Some people are hypersensitive to EMF fields which cause them to feel they are being watched or feel uneasy. This is a common claim by many who believe there is paranormal activity present. Many times we use a K-ll to find EMF fields in those areas. Sometimes something as simple as moving a bed or couch to a different wall remedies that uneasiness.

It is a common practice for investigators to use the K-ll as a communication device and try to interact with a spirit. The investigator will ask a question or make a statement asking an entity to come close to the K-ll causing it to register a spike in acknowledgement. While some investigators swear by this method others feel it is inaccurate.

K-ll meters are perhaps the most common item in most paranormal investigator’s tool bag. They are fairly inexpensive and easy to use which is why the K-ll is the first meter purchased by many new investigators.

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