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Paranormal, Ghosts, or Bigfoot Investigation April 2014

On 25 October 2013, an investigation of strange events at a 27 foot aluminum travel trailer 17 miles from Show Low Arizona was conducted. The objective of the investigation was to determine what was causing the events around the trailer which included rhythmic knocking, electrical/plasma discharges on a chicken wire cage, strange voices, footsteps on the roof, and power outages on small battery operated equipment. During this investigation, game cameras were employed to try to capture images of any animal which might be causing the noises and knocking. None were captured. However, on two nights in a row, the camera did capture what appeared to be some type of electrical discharge in the chicken wire which was used for a cat run enclosure. The enclosure was meant to provide the resident house cats access to the outside while keeping predators such as coyotes from attacking. The investigation produced more questions than answers.

The events continued sporadically through the winter, and another investigation was conducted on 7-10 April 2014. During this investigation I volunteered to stay in the trailer each night alone. We had cameras watching the outside, and I would be inside monitoring the events while giving a blow-by-blow account to Face Book followers. We had no idea as to what was messing with the trailer.

Early in the evening, motion sensor lights began to trigger, time out, and go off again. This was a good indication that something physical was outside on the edge of the detection zone of the lights. Two windows on the trailer were not sealed up to allow light inside the trailer during the day. These two windows did not have curtains. Therefore, I could look outside from time to time, but there was also the possibility that something else could look inside.

As I sat in an easy chair posting to the Face Book viewers, a loud clunk was heard in the direction of the door. As I looked up, I could see the outside motion sensor light was on, and the door was recoiling to its original position. Something or someone had just grabbed the handle of the door and gave it a good yank. The door held. I remembered earlier in the evening when everyone left. I was debating with myself about locking the door. Fortunately, I had decided to secure the door. Now I had to wonder who or what tried to open the door,


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