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Paranormal, Ghosts, or Bigfoot Investigation April 2014 Part 2

After the door was attacked, things got quiet again. The terrified cats started to relax and even ventured from their hiding places for short trips to the litter box and water. I kind of felt the same way.

Approximately 20 minutes later, I began to hear what sounded like voices. The voices subsided and were followed by rhythmic thumps on the side of the trailer. Suddenly, the lights went out. It was a total power failure.

The trailer is not connected to any power grids. The power is provided by solar panels and battery banks. The batteries were charged enough to last through the night, but something caused the power failure. The only thing running was my stand alone IR camera which was trained on me in the easy chair.

I decided to try to determine the cause of the power failure, and I exited the trailer to the area where the batteries were located. I had my flashlight in one hand, my pistol in the other, and needed to put one or the other down to mess with the wires. As I reached for the battery pack, I heard the power inverter kick back on, and power was up. I beat a hasty retreat to inside of the trailer.

The rest of the night was filled with strange noises, but then again, I was a bit concerned after the door and power outage events.

Ok here is the tally so far of the damage to my equipment during the power failure event while at the trailer near Show Low. I am not listing this to solicit funds; I am listing it so that you all can see there are some very powerful and strange events associated with that trailer. A hint should have been taken when the chicken wire lit up with some kind of electrical discharge or plasma.

When I shut down my computer, it would not come back up without running a restore program. My Sony camera now loses about 25 percent of all the video recorded even after swapping out the disks, and it will not hold a charge longer than a few minutes. My Vivatar camera does the same thing. My promos game camera is toast. It will not even turn on. 16 AA batteries are dead, My cell phone needed charging, and it will not hold a charge much longer than a couple of hours. And I have lost about 40 minutes of video that cannot be recovered (it had some good stuff too!)

I will be returning as soon as I can acquire an EMF meter. I will also be taking a volt meter so I can measure any potential differences between the ground, trailer and chicken wire. I will also be taking a metal detector.

I will continue to post what video I can recover from the cameras. I hope there is some good stuff left on the cards and disks. Now I have to ask, are the footprints I got on the last night Bigfoot? Or something else that has feet shaped like humans. The mystery continues.

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