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Paranormal facts about the dream goblin, the mare

The Nightmare by John Henry Fuseli
The Nightmare by John Henry Fuseli
Wikimedia Commons

This is not an article to read before bed, well actually it is because it deals with the dreams we have. So read more to learn exactly a mare is:

This is according to folklore.

  • A mare or a nightmare, is an evil goblin (or spirit) that rides on people's chests while they sleep, and give them bad dreams.
  • In Romania, the mare is known as the moroi.
  • In Germany, they were also known as mara and mahr.
  • According to folklore, the mare liked to entangled its victims hair.
  • It also would entangled tree branches.
  • One of the earliest records of the mare is in the 13th century work, "Ynglinga Saga."
  • In Crotia the mare wasn't exactly a goblin, the creature took form of a beautiful woman, that would torture men in their dreams.
  • Serbia tells of a story of the mora coming in the rooms of its victims through keyholes.
  • Children were told to do the sign of the cross, look at their pillow, or out the window, to get rid of the mara.
  • Some say that if you kept a broom upside down in your room, that it would repeals the creatures.
  • Polish folklore tells of the mora being the soul of an living person during the day, but at night they leave the body. Interesting I guess they turn not into monsters, but strands of hair, straw, and moths.

So the mare is basically different in each culture, but all the same when talking about nightmares. They are creatures that bring terror to those who sleep. Now you know why, we get nightmares, from little goblin creatures, well maybe that is....

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