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Paranormal evidence or misleading occurrences: Orbs

Paranormal investigators go out, shoot photographs, make voice recordings, take noets and review the evidence to determine if a home, building or other location is truly haunted. During the investigation, researchers determine if there are non-paranormal causes for what many fear is a ghost in their home. Some investigators agree when it comes to the paranormal, but there are still times when many disagree as to whether something is haunted through the review of actual evidence it is a ghost.

The one most debated topic regarding paranormal evidence is that of Orbs. Are Orbs proof of the paranormal or is it just something caught on camera to mislead many into believing their home is haunted?

When an Orb appears in a photograph, many paranormal investigators jump to the conclusion it is a spirit or psychic energy. It is their opinion that these entities create a glowing ball of light that can be captured by a camera. However, with extensive research, many are not counting on Orbs are a reliable piece of evidence during an investigation. In fact, it is being proven that many of these Orbs are not more than just dust particles reflecting the camera’s flash.

Investigators are discovering that there are many other causes in the creation of Orbs. “In our experiences most Orbs are caused by either bugs, moisture, water particles, dust, hair, even cigarette ashes or fire ashes,” said Bill Payne, founder of Hopkins County Paranormal Society. He continued to say that light reflection or camera glare can cause an Orb to appear like it has its own light source.

But, I saw a face in that Orb! Many claim to see faces within the orbs. How is that possible? “A lot of people claim to see faces in Orbs, but they have to consider the matrixing phenomenon,” Payne added. Matrixing is our mind’s way of making sense out of something that is not really there. Just like claiming to see an image in a mirror that is scratched, dirty and very old.

So why are many paranormal investigators so willing to jump to the conclusion that an Orb is 100 percent proof of the paranormal? Maybe it is because they are so hoping to find evidence and an Orb is all they have. Payne suggests that some investigators have trained their eyes to see paranormal evidence within Orbs making it easy to claim them as authentic evidence.

Other items that can be misinterpreted as paranormal evidence include smoke, condensation or fog. These items are often thought to be ectoplasm or spiritual mist. To avoid these misleading forms of evidence, Payne says to be aware of your surroundings and know what the weather is like.

So tell us, what are your thoughts on Orbs? Do you have any photographs you believe to be paranormal evidence? We would love to see what you have captured. Visit our Facebook Page - Treasure Coast Paranormal Travel Examiner - to submit your questions and photographs for review.

Check back for more articles about paranormal evidence and how to ensure you do not misinterpret something to be a ghost.

Happy Haunting!!

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