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Paranormal dreams

Where do our minds go when we dream?
Where do our minds go when we dream?

Theories abound on the meanings of dreams. Some say they are our minds' way of "cleaning up the clutter." They say that dreams may be the mind's way of purging and processing information stored by the subconscious. Dreams may also be our subconscious way of self-analysis. There are dictionaries to search the typical meanings of certain dream symbols, but, of course, these may be subjective - a symbol that means on thing to one person may represent something completely different to someone else.

Is there a paranormal connection to our dreams? Possibly. Many have reported premonition dreams or experienced deja vu - that feeling that you have experienced something before, which may be or subconscious remembering a dream without our conscious knowledge. Sometimes, we can consciously remember having that experience in a dream.

Other than premonitions and emotional housekeeping, dreams can represent other experiences. Many have claimed to have been visited by their deceased loved ones during dreams. Some people have claimed to have religious visions occur to them in dreams.

There are some theories about astral projection - leaving one's body - during the course of dreaming, visiting other locations in spiritual form. Perhaps when we dream we glimpse into a parallel dimension or travel through time. Is it all in our heads? Our minds are not subject to the same barriers that our physical bodies must succumb to.