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Don't forget to celebrate Paranormal Day on May 3

Don't forget to celebrate Paranormal Day on May 3
Don't forget to celebrate Paranormal Day on May 3
John Albrecht

There are lots of strange holidays and observances and every single day of our year seems to have at least one, maybe more. Paranormal enthusiasts everywhere will have to mark their calendars so they don't forget Paranormal Day this weekend.

Paranormal Day falls on May 3, the 123rd day of the year, which this year happens to be on a Saturday. Celebrate Paranormal Day this weekend by sharing stories with other paranormal enthusiasts. Watch a scary movie or read about your area's haunted history. Go for a drive and explore a location that is rumored to have paranormal activity.

What does paranormal really mean though? The word paranormal is a general term that was first used in 1915. It is used to describe an experience that is outside the range of a normal experience. It is generally used to describe phenomena that science cannot easily explain or measure.

Do you believe in paranormal activity? Have you ever had an experience? Feel free to share a story in the comment section below.

Please remember that many locations require permission to visit or investigate. Most of these places are patrolled by the authorities and trespassers could face fines or possibly even be arrested. Be respectful and always get proper permission when exploring.

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