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Paranormal creatures: Cave demons

Scientist believe that cave demons are just large flying bats
Scientist believe that cave demons are just large flying bats
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Cave demons, also known as bat people, Guiafairs, Sasabonsam, Fangalabolo, Bar Juchne, and many other names, have been spotted throughout the world. Going as far back as Mayan civilization, who worshiped these creatures, reports have been made and stories have been told about cave demons. Many people wonder if the cave demons are just large bats or, something more.

Cave demon appearance

The bat people have been described in many different ways. They usually fall between 41/2 and 6 feet tall. These demons are usually reported as having membraned wings that span 10 to 15 feet from tip to tip. Although some people have said that the skin of the cave demons is dark purple in color, most witnesses report the skin as being black or dark gray. Sometimes bat people are depicted as having smooth skin. Other times people have reported seeing thick hair that covers the creature’s heads and bodies. Their ears are usually described as being large and pointed. Cave demons are said to have sharp claws protruding from their finger and toe nails. The eyes of these creatures are usually said to be red.

Location of cave demons

Although sighting of these creatures have been reported throughout the world, cave demons are usually seen in warmer climates. These demons have been spotted on mountains, over fields, in caves, and near dormant or extinct volcanoes.

Theories on cave demons

Many scientists believe that people are actually seeing the world’s largest bats. The Bismarck Flying Fox and the Golden Crowned Flying Fox have wingspans of about 5 feet from tip to tip.

Crypto zoologists do not believe these sightings are of the largest bat. They believe that they are something else because cave demons are larger than the largest bat. The majority of descriptions given of these creatures do not match that of the flying bat.

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