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"Paranormal Activity" was written, so don't count on a Micah Sloat obituary

A scene from "Paranormal Activity"
A scene from "Paranormal Activity"
AP Photo/Paramount

The Paramount Pictures film “Paranormal Activity” is terrifying audiences worldwide —and apparently confusing them. There’s nothing more unnerving than a horror story based on true events, but unfortunately, this film is hardly anything close to that.

The film was directed, written and edited by Oren Peli and shot in only seven days at his home in San Diego. His inspiration was in fact loosely based on personal speculation, but the film was purely fictional.

“The house, or the ground around it, was settling; things were falling off shelves in the middle of the night,” Peli states on the film’s website. “I’m not saying there was a ghost or anything, because the incidents, or whatever you would call them, were happening months apart.”

His morbid curiosity inspired him to write a script, set up some cameras, hold a casting session in Hollywood, and begin filming with a crew of only three.

Peli further explained on the website that he wanted it to feel as “organic” as possible, meaning he didn’t want his actors to worry about lighting, sound or direction. He allowed some improvisation, but no “forced exposition.”

So sorry, fans. Although the idea of Micah Sloat being forcefully acquired by the paranormal is much more harrowing, it was only a story written by a guy with a reported $15,000.


  • KARINA I. PALOMINO 5 years ago

    I want to see this movie so friking bad , but my mom says that i shouldnt because then im gonna have nightmares...
    Maybe i will have nightmares but that doesnt stop me from watching scary movies.
    You know what im saying ?