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'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones' (review): Get all the scares on DVD

Photo by: Paramount Pictures
Photo by: Paramount Pictures

"Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones" releases today on DVD and is the fifth in the series and carries on the name though not much else. The New Year tries to kick off with a good scare, yet only delivers a slight fright or moderate thrills. Offering minimal shocks, a mildly interesting storyline and ho hum characters, audiences come expecting to find jump out of your seat entertainment, yet only manage a few cheap edge of your seat moments.

"Paranormal Activity" first terrified audiences starting in 2007. After the initial reaction of audiences and whispers of reality, people crowded the theaters to see the horror event of the recent decade. Sequels quickly followed although it being only fiction quickly surfaced as well. Audiences continued to take in all the scares with each additional movie, as the stories quickly seemed to go from horror to moderate scares to a little ridiculous even for a movie, losing all appearance of any hold to reality.

“Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones” is written and directed by Christopher Landon, who has written for the series since the first sequel. Although it carries on the feel of the other movies, this one is certainly not quite as jump out of your seat, grab on to the person sitting next to you as its predecessors. The creative team and actors attempt to create a movie to fall in line, although in the end, it could simply spell the end of this horror series.

"The Marked Ones" follows Jesse (Andrew Jacobs) as we see him graduate from high school and prepare to start his life. He lives in a rundown apartment complex with a mysterious woman, Anna, who he and his friend spy on when she appears to be doing witchcraft. Time passes and Anna is found dead in her apartment. This is when the movie really begins, or where it should begin.

Although like most of the other "Paranormal Activity" movies, which intermix story with scares, this one seems to focus on random scenes mixed with minimal thrills. We get a few gross out scenes with the pulling something from his eye lid or jump out of your seat when Jesse becomes possessed and comes out of nowhere to attack his friends. There are moments that mimic the original hits but not quite enough to feel like it really fits.

In the end, we get a wraparound to the first movie and it seems like a perfect seal up of the whole series. Will this be the last we see of "Paranormal Activity"? Despite preforming less than expected at the box office with the previous movies success, audiences may see another movie or two in the future. Although it feels, this franchise may have run its course or simply run out of scares. Not the same frights we got from the first movies, but if you are looking for a moderate good time, you may want to put this one your list.