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Paranormal Activity 3?

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Oh, there's a date, October 21 2011 is when Paramount wants this on the big screen. Now I never saw the first one, but I happened to go to the movies with my fifteen-year-old to catch the second one, and it was amazing. Oren Peli has major talent when it comes to telling a story using camcorder and Tod Williams did just as well in part 2. At this point director Oren Peli and producer Jason Blum (producer of the first film) are being named with the project, but not in those capacities. So really here's the thing. . .


As of right now these two films are masterpieces. I believe they do everything they set out to do. Not only are they creepy, atmospheric movies that make you cringe and jump, but the tell a good story really well. Better in fact than most Hollywood blockbusters. Sure I will watch it, but I'm standing on the grounds that a third one should not happen. Come next October maybe they will prove me wrong and this one is a great addition to the mythos and their not just trying to make more money.