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Paranormal 101: Getting rid of ghosts

Do you live or work in a place you believe to be haunted? If you believe your home to be haunted, it is important to have an understanding of the paranormal and how to deal with a haunting. Before making plans to rid your home of the paranormal, it is important to make sure your home is indeed haunted. But before we get started, remember not to challenge the spirits living in your home unless you know what you are doing or prepared for what may happen. There is help available to rid your home of ghosts or to help your understand what is happening in your home.

In most cases, what is believed to be a haunting can easily be explained by something natural within the home. For example, loud bangs in the middle of the night can be the water pipes and random creaks in the floorboards when no one is walking in the hallway can be the house settling. Signs of paranormal activity include cold spots, unexplained sounds, shadows, movement of objects and anything else you cannot explain that might be annoying or frightening.

Before declaring your home haunted focus on eliminating logical explanations for the activity in your home. Some explanations include climate and temperature changes causing the house to creak, poorly fitted doors and windows, slanting floors, smells and noises coming from the outside. Other explanations for the things that go bump in the night include faulty pipes and other outside forces. Do not forget that one’s imagination can also give a false belief that a home is haunted.

Next you will need to determine the type of haunting within your home. Is it a residual haunt, meaning the same thing happens over and over, typically at the same time of day, week, month or year? Or is it an intelligent haunt, meaning it is one that can interact with the living by speaking, banging on walls and becoming visible. Dangerous haunts are those involving objects being thrown at residents and physical assaults. Be very careful of dangerous haunts and seek professional help immediately.

Determine what or who is being haunted. Is it the entire home, a single object objects or an individual living in the home. This will help determine if the ghost can easily be removed by ridding the home of a haunted object or if more work is necessary to rid the home or person of the haunting.

Unless you know what you are doing it is best to seek professional help from an area paranormal investigation team. However, here are some things you can do that may work without having to call in help:

  • Be assertive by filling your home with positive energy
  • Ask the ghost to leave or ask the ghost to leave you alone
  • Cleanse and purify your home
  • Invoke spiritual help
  • Update your home
  • Use Feng Shui

If these do not work, it might be time to seek professional help. Remember, legitimate paranormal investigators will not charge for their services. Do not agree to pay to have your home investigated. Reputable investigators work to find answers and help individuals, not as a means of making money.

Happy Haunting!!

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