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Paramore releases new music video for the single "Ain't It Fun"

Alternative rock trio Paramore released their new music video today for their newest single "Ain't It Fun" off of their self-titled album. The video can be viewed above.

The video features the trio breaking 10 world records, and the records broken can be viewed below.

  • Fastest time for 3 people to smash 30 clocks with guitars
  • Fastest time for 3 people to run through 10 paper banners
  • Fastest time to run backwards holding stuffed animals while blindfolded for 30 feet (Taylor York)
  • Most feathers caught in 30 seconds (Jeremy Davis)
  • Fastest time to unwrap a toilet paper mummy
  • Longest scream while riding in a convertible (Hayley Williams)
  • Longest time spinning vinyl on a finger (Taylor York)
  • Most vinyl records broken by 3 people in 1 minute
  • Most cartwheels done in 30 seconds while wearing boots (Hayley Williams)
  • Most records broken in a music video

The three are currently getting ready to set sail on their concert cruise PARAHOY!, which is casting off in Miami, Florida on March 7th, with special guests Tegan & Sara. They are also co-headlining the Monumentour with Fall Out Boy this summer.

For more information on Paramore's world records and full video of each record, click here.

Paramore is Hayley Williams (@yelyahwilliams), Jeremy Davis (@schzimmydeanie), and Taylor York.

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