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Paralyzed Saudi man becomes social media star for requesting hospital visit

Royal crest of Saudi Arabia.
Royal crest of Saudi Arabia.
Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

A paralyzed Saudi Arabian man, 24, known only as 'Ibrahim' has recently become the man behind the country's most retweeted tweet in history.

Saudi Arabian man visited by hundreds in hospital after one encouraging tweet: You know? I'm alone now, no one much visits

After a terrible car accident a year and a half ago, Ibrahim has been bed ridden in a hospital in Riyadh. Although his family visits him when they are able, he had not received any visits to his room for several months. That's when Ibrahim decided to turn to social media for assistance.

Using twitter, Ibrahim sent out a tweet to his handful of followers encouraging any and all to visit him in his room. Within one day Ibrahim’s tweet became the most retweeted message in Saudi Arabia’s Twitter history. The hashtag #VisitIbrahim circulated through social media circles and within just 24 hours it had been retweeted over 200,000 times.

Soon after the initial tweet, hundreds of visitors from all over Saudi Arabia came to see Ibrahim, bringing a variety of gifts like pizza and flowers, to the man's surprise. Such a large number of people showed up that hospital staff had to put a temporary ban on guests so as not to hinder daily business.

But neither footfall nor followers were the biggest gifts Ibrahim was to receive. So compelled were the Saudi Twitter community by Ibrahim’s story that they contributed financially towards the life-changing surgery that Ibrahim would need in order to walk again.

The surgery which would cost $130,000 and involve Ibrahim travelling to Germany was quickly covered by the generous donors from the oil rich middle-eastern country.

Pictures showing visitors posing, talking to and even feeding the paralyzed man were posted on Twitter.

It is now hoped a trip to Germany can be organised soon so that that Ibrahim can get the surgery of which he is so in need.

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