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Paralyzed dog in China hops and drags his way into hearts of U.S. animal lovers

After animal rescue advocates in the United States were notified about a partially paralyzed dog in China wandering the streets of Chengdu and desperately looking for food, they were compelled to do whatever they could to transport this dog - now named Bert by his savior in China - to the United States.

Paralyzed, Bert has hopped and dragged his way into our hearts
Paralyzed, Bert has hopped and dragged his way into our hearts
Andi Niehaus
Paralyzed, Bert has hopped and dragged his way into our hearts
Andi Niehaus

Andi, the wonderfully compassionate rescuer of Bert, disseminated her plea for help by email from China to The Mutt Scouts, in which she stated:

I am currently living in China and today I found Bert, the dog in the photos, wandering the streets of Chengdu looking for food. I have a dog already and Bert followed me and my dog when we passed him. I fed him and gave him water---he was desperate for both---and took him to a local vet. There he was treated for tapeworms and fleas. Bert has a condition, some kind of bone disease. His back legs don't work properly and he hops. The rest of him is healthy despite malnutrition. He is very, very sweet and smart. I cannot adopt him as I have a dog already and am preparing to move back to the USA this summer. It is costly to take one dog, I cannot manage two. I am in contact with a shelter here but there is a stigma related to handicapped dogs here in China. I fear he will not be taken in. Is there anything you can do to help?

Bert appears to be a young German shepherd mix. As for his personality, Andi describes Bert as shy, but "very, very sweet and smart." Bert is not only smart, but he no doubt possesses intuitive acumen. After all, he was able to spot an animal lover straight away and proceeded to hop and drag himself along the road, refusing to let Andi out of his sight.

Andi learned about the wonderful work The Mutt Scouts had done for Thor - another paralyzed dog literally waiting to die along side the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. She immediately reached out to them for help. The Mutt Scouts agreed to take on the task of transporting Bert from the other side of the globe and into their rescue in Los Angeles, Calif. When it comes to dedicated animal rescue advocates, never say "never."

Bert currently awaits his fate at a vet near Shangai, China. Animal rescue advocates are reaching out to the community for financial assistance to get Bert to The Mutt Scouts, seen by a vet and into Two Hands Four Paws, an excellent rehab facility that is currently working with Thor.

The alternative is unthinkable - insofar as Bert is concerned. Without an exit plan, Bert will be placed in a shelter in China that houses 4,000 other dogs with only 15 employees overseeing their welfare. Given his paralysis, Bert's future is bleak.

In part, this is what The Mutt Scouts has to say about Bert in a facebook post:

We are in need of YOU to get Bert to safety. It appears that this is in process, and she is following protocol and getting Bert past his authorization-exit from China, and are now looking into flight options.

Bert needs a rescue or individual(s) that will work with his condition. Like Thor, the cause is not known. Bert's was skin & bones underneath that coat, and was full of parasites. Yet through it all he remained a sweet pup. He was gentle and kind with the woman's own dog, despite being sickly and starved. Bert is a young pup, maybe six or seven months, so the prognosis for potential/strides made through Therapy for his back legs are huge.

Our Mission Here:
We wish to raise the funds to finish Bert's vetting there, get him on a flight and landed in US grounds, and point he and his new people toward doctors and rehab here. For LA approved rescues: Two Hands Four Paws - where Thor goes - is interested in working with Bert.

PLEASE donate whatever you are able, here: Yes, one dollar, three dollars, ten dollars and more, ALL count toward saving Bert from a certain hellish fate.

teamTHOR: Not only are you Assisting & Representing for others like Thor, by Literally SAVING BERT'S LIFE...but you are helping turn Needed Focus on the Devastating Problems for animals in China.

Awareness is the Way.
Unlike select organizations, Every Penny of the money we raise at teamTHOR for Bert, will go to Bert and his people. Yes, we are a Non-Profit - So your donation is tax deductible.

Many of You have said you were moved by Thor's Struggle To Stay Alive, and His Daily Fight To Get Stronger. And that You would Like To Do More, and Help Others...

Here you go: Meet Bert.
Now let's PLEASE QUICKLY Unite To Get Him To Safety.



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