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Paralyzed Dachshund can’t be stopped after getting new wheels

Persistent, stubborn, headstrong? Anyone who has ever had a Dachshund in their presence (dare I say “owned” one) knows that these characteristics are common for the “big dog in the little body.”

RB the Dachshund gets a new lease on life.
RB the Dachshund gets a new lease on life.
Humane Society
RB the Dachshund is helped in North Carolina.

Meredith Lee

This little guy, Ricky Bobby, or RB as a nickname, is a truly inspirational story. Get the hankies out (it’s a good story, though!)

This dog was rescued from a puppy mill in Samson County, North Carolina. He was found unable to walk, dragging his back legs, getting the paralysis that is common for the breed. (Usually, if surgery isn’t done within 72 hours the dog can never walk again.) The dappled Doxie with big brown eyes was forced to drag his limp legs across the floor to get around.

But, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, RB was helped by the people at the local Humane Society and hero Megan Bliss, a veterinary technician who built a wheelchair (actually, wheels that serve as the dog’s hind legs) and now the dog can get around as fast as anyone.

It’s heartwarming, funny and sweet. I have seen a brave dog like this thanks to a local charity, Dachshunds Outreach Giving & Socialization. Johnny Ortez-Tibbels who runs the charity helps out with education of the breed, and there are a few people who were helped with their Dachshunds’ back problems. It’s true, that dog could get around just as well as any other dog.

RB, who was all skin and bones and living in a cinderblock cell, is now running around with his “brother” a Lab mix named Tucker.

As you know from the heartbreaking commercials on late night that the Humane Society does important things like shutting down puppy mills, end dog fighting, stop seal hunts, reduce the suffering of animals on factory farms, and helps animals like RB.

You can help RB and the Humane Society specifically at:


Find out more about D.O.G.S. by going here:

You can donate directly at: and here:

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