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Paralympics: Show kids

I recently spoke to a class of second graders. I asked them what they think they can do that I cannot. Most of them mentioned sports. Many of them knew about the Olympics going on now, but none have ever heard of the Paralympics. It is the Olympic games for those with disabilities.

Show kids these sports
Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

It is not televised like the other games, but it happens the week after the other games, has most of the same sports, and occurs in the same place. There is some media coverage, but not a lot and is usually a passing story. While there have been changes in the most recent years for people to with disabilities to be included in the Olympics the Paralympics do not get the attention they deserve.

Some may argue that people with disabilities should not be separated. This argument can be appreciated, but the fact is that the Paralympics exist and kids, especially kids with disabilities should know about them. Here are some reasons why.

1. Kids with disabilities can look up to these athletes and know they too can do sports and physical fitness.
2. These games show empowerment, power and tenaciousness – what we want our kids to emulate.
3. It gives another perspective into sports and competition

Check out and learn more. Share this with the kids and join the movement for these games to be promoted even more.

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