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Who doesn’t love a good romance story? Well, probably a lot of people. Stereotypically guys don’t care for them much, but most guys secretly do enjoy them I believe. I know a lady who said that her husband loves to watch them with her because he knows he’s going to get lucky afterwards. Having taken part in my own quasi-romance story, I have discovered an interesting parallel between this human relationship and our relationship with God.

My relationship started as most do, with a glance. The glance turned into a greeting which turned into flirting which turned into a date which turned into dating. I treated this woman like a queen. Flowers, cards, cooked meals, back rubs, kindness, quality time, the whole bit. I had done everything that I knew to do to make this woman feel special; to show her how I felt. To many, I would have been the ultimate boyfriend. I am even a good listener for goodness sakes (I am a counselor after all).

About 2 months in she reciprocated my affection in her own way by informing me that we should just be friends. I was crushed. It had been 4 years since I had had anything more than the proverbial nibble when it came to someone showing interest in me. How could this be? I gave it my all!

It is heart breaking to give your all to something only to have it completely and utterly rejected. It would be one thing to be rejected if I had done something wrong like lying or cheating (I did neither mind you), but to just be rejected just because, it’s shattering.

This relationship, or lack thereof, made me think about my relationship with God. I gave nothing to this woman in comparison to what God has given to me. God says to me, I can give you life at its best. I want a relationship with you. Your life won’t be perfect while you’re on earth, but let’s walk this journey together, side by side. God says, I will dote on you and give you more than you’ll ever need. I chose you and called you by name and I love you.

Then that uncomfortable scene in the movie takes place. It’s the scene in the movie when the guy professes his love for the girl. She looks at the ground awkwardly before looking up and saying that she does not feel the same.

God professes his love for me and I look back and say “Thanks God, you know, I’ve really enjoyed hanging out with you and stuff, but I just want to be friends right now. It’s not you. It’s me. I mean, you’re a great God and all I just think I’m not ready for something serious right now. Maybe I’ll see you every Sunday for an hour at church or something. I hope this won’t make it awkward for us.”

God is perfect. He didn’t lie or cheat. His only crime was giving me a taste of what the wonders of life inside a relationship with Him would be like. This relationship would be different from the one I offered this young lady. This relationship would be for eternity; one day bringing me to heaven to live fully in His presence. Yet when offered eternity, oftentimes I tell God that I just want to be friends. I reject God’s offer. I break His heart. My excuses are many. I have a lot going on. Work, activities, friends, activities with friends from work. I’ll give God a piece of my time just like everything else gets but not all of me. I won’t let him into the deepest parts of me.

This brings about conflict because God in his essence demands to have all of me. “We are his people the sheep of his pasture.” We belong to God. God loves me unconditionally and jealously. He will have no other person or thing before himself when it comes to filling up my hearts.

So I must choose. If I am like my “friend” I will choose to be separated; living life outside of a relationship with God. God, out of love will let me go but never stop loving me.

If I look toward God, though, and say ‘yes’ to Him, then He invites me into a relationship…

so amazing

so wonderful

so deep

so pure

…that nothing will ever compare to it.

God is smitten with you and with me. He has already chosen you. Will you choose Him back?



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