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Parallel's new remote desktop app now available for Android and iOS

Parallels for Android
Parallels for Android
Parallels Press Release Kit

There have been many apps over the last few years that have given users the ability to control their home PC from their smartphone, but none have really hit the mark, but that is about to change thanks to Parallel's new remote desktop application called Access. In a statement released today, June 17, Parallels announced that their new smartphone app is available for immediate download for both Android phones and tablets, as well as Apple's iPhone.

Parallels will enable users to easily control their home PC, or Mac from their smartphone thanks to its unique application. Instead of displaying your computers desktop on your phone or tablet (which has proven to be tricky to use in the past due to screen size issues), Parallels on Android and iOS shows your desktop as a series of large icons, much the same as you would see from your phone's user interface, and in the Android version of the app users will be able to create shortcuts to their favorite desktop applications.

While the Parallels app has been available for iPad users for a short while, the wider support now brings new features to the Parallels application. Android and iOS users will now find that they will be able to remotely wake their PC, or Mac remotely in some cases so you will not have to leave your power hungry PC on when you leave your home, and you will now be able to choose from several different screen resolutions so that you can see more, or less of your computers desktop. Another feature added to the new version of Parallels is the ability for the application to tap into your devices microphone, which will come in handy for programs you have on your computer than can use speech recognition such as Dragon.

The Parallels app is set to revolutionize the way you can interact with your home PC and Mac remotely, but it does come with a price. Parallels has actually cut its price in celebration of the wider launch, and you can now pick up a yearly subscription for just $20 (dropped from $80), or you can score a two year subscription for $30 if you sign up by the end of June, after which the price will jump to $35. There is also a business tier available which will allow five users remote access for $50 per year.

If you are not sure that Parallels is right for you, you can test drive the application free for two weeks. If you want to give Parallels a spin, head on over to your favorite app store and download it today.

Source: Parallels

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