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Parakeet sucked up by vacuum cleaner and lives to chirp about it

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A Milton, MA parakeet named Birdie was accidentally sucked into a vacuum cleaner and was lucky enough to survive, according to an article posted yesterday on the Boston WCVB Channel 5 website. Birdie is being treated for his injuries at Angell Medical Center in Boston.

Birdie apparently climbed into the Wet/Dry vacuum cleaner without her owner noticing. Although Birdie's ride was brief, her injuries were significant. She was barely conscious when she was taken out of the vacuum, and her owner, Marie Margarone, was very doubtful that Birdie would survive.

Fortunately for Birdie, Maragone handled the injuries like she would any other injury to a much loved family member. She rushed the parakeet to the vet.

X-rays showed that Birdie was severely injured. Her left wing was fractured so badly that it had to be partially amputated in order to save her life. According to the WCVB article, Dr. Simone-Freilicher of Angell Medical Center removed the injured portion of the wing in an hour-long surgical procedure.

Despite losing a quarter of her left wing and a considerable amount of blood, Birdie recovered sufficiently to go home the next day.