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Paradise yes but at what cost

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The other day I was wondering if the rationale given by my kids for moving away from San Diego held water. According to one website designed to account for comparing how much money it takes to live in San Diego vs. other cities which I’ve listed here for your comparisons if you’d like to know about your particulars ...

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The kids were correct in the suggestion that they “just can’t afford to live here anymore” and what it specifically told me is they would have about $9,000.00, EXTRA by moving on to Temecula and the truth be told, by moving up north just a hair my son-in-law by doing the exact same work ended up earning about $7,000.00 more per year for his 60 mile trek with family in tow.

What this tells me is??? What? I’ve known for years that San Diego, profession by profession pays at the lowest rung on the socioeconomic scale but years ago, it was also one of the cheapest places to live. That was back when San Diego was known as a “sleepy border town.” Now, it appears that San Diego still pays the least amount yet has become one of the most expensive cities to live in. Or is it?

I think it may depend on who you ask. says probably yes that San Diego is a bad deal if comparing your salary to other places but look at because they project a slightly different story. According to, you will pay more for housing, transportation, and healthcare. However overall San Diego is 31% higher than the national average but they’ve got housing in San Diego as the deal breaker. In fact if you factor out the cost of housing then San Diego comes in nearly at the national average for cost of living overall.

If you are in Mitt Romney’s camp and can afford to pay cash for your property or if you bought your property back in the 60s or 70s and haven’t refinanced in all those years, then stick around in San Diego because it just don’t get no better than this.