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Parade celebrates international day and highlights issues

Participants hold signs of issue important to the faith community
Participants hold signs of issue important to the faith community
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On Saturday, August 16, Christ Church International celebrated International Day with a parade and fair. The parade assembled various religious organizations for a march in the community to highlight the issues on the agenda for the faith community.

Anthony Perez holds sign to ban the box
k.clements, clements communications inc.

Participants assembled at Baisley Pond Park and 157 Street. The parade route followed Baisley Boulevard to its intersection at Christ Church at Merrill Street which was the site of the fair. Participants held signs that announcing the issues the faith community was embracing. That included an end to gun violence, immigration reform and banning the box which is refers to eliminating the check off box job applicants fill in when asked if they have ever been convicted of a crime.

“We want to stop the violence. You can’t have peace without justice,” said a marcher with the One Way Church of Christ.

Other faith organization which joined the march included Upper Room Ministries and Lady of Sorrow, Corona Queens. Members from the 113th Precinct’s Community Council Board were also attended.

The parade was large enough to command attention but small enough to not heavily disrupt traffic. It was led by a high energy, dancing march band and anchored by marchers dressed in all white who danced their way along the route to lively tunes.

Residents along the parade route came out of the homes to watch the parade as it travelled by. Motorists lent their support by honking and waving. They were particularly vocal with their support as the group crossed the intersection of Baisley and Guy R. Brewer Boulevard.

At the end of the parade, participants were welcomed into the fair which was held inside the church and in front of the church.