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Parable of the talents, Part one

Methoni in southwest Peloponisos, Greece.
Methoni in southwest Peloponisos, Greece.

Chapters 24 – 25 of the Gospel of Matthew record the compassionate heart and love of the Lord Jesus Christ.. We are in grave error, however, should we fail to recognize within the love and compassion, His unwavering holiness. These are final words of warning and prophecy, but also encouragement for His people, Israel, before His departure. His people knew that He was leaving for an undisclosed period of time. In this passage, He is delegating to them, His stewards, their responsibilities in caring for His kingdom. Instead of digging into chapters 24 and 25 in their entirety, our focus will be on Matthew 25:14-30, the Parable of the talents.

Any follower of Christ knows that He often spoke in parables because He needed us to understand the His teaching. As our Creator, He knows that our minds are finite at best and our vision is limited to our immediate surroundings. He taught in parables to make sure we could pass the final test, accepting what He said as Truth based on the measure of faith we are given.

The word “again” in verse 14 indications that the words following are a part of the context of the previous verses, thus, intended to be studied as a whole. For that reason, I strongly suggest reading the full passage of chapters 24 and 25 before continuing here. . Jesus is referring to Himself and that in the future He will go on a long journey. He doesn't tell them when He will leave on this journey or where He is going, simply that He will be leaving. Like many of us, we need someone to care for our property during our absence. Jesus was entrusting His property (talent) to His servants. Each of them was given the responsibility of a measure of property in direct proportion to their ability