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Par-TAY in the 'Ville! Woot! Woot!

AP Photo / Larry Crowe
AP Photo / Larry Crowe
You want to know what adults want at their Samhain parties? I’ll tell you. They want cupcakes - and, they want cupcakes with cute decorations on them. They also want fun snacks – not just chips you dump out of a bag and some dip you pop the lid off of and plop down next to the chip bowl. 
Yes, yes, those things can be nice, too. However, we are grown-ups and we want fancy snacks. We love little hotdogs baked in little pastries. We love tiny philo-dough shells filled with a cheese and spinach bake. We love fruit dipped in hard chocolate. Man, a few platters of that and cheese tray and it is a PAR-TAY!!!
Yes, adults want some fun drinks at the party, too, but we aren’t in college anymore. We don’t plan on drinking our body weight in rum and laying on the front lawn throwing up next to our date. For some reason, it’s just not fun anymore. Maybe its experience. Maybe it’s the realization that you really have no business still being alive if you lived through the 80’s partying scene. Whatever the reason, we want a fun, low-consequence evening that won’t leave us physically maimed or wretched. Why is this so hard?
So, you say to yourself, I’ll throw a little party. I’ll invite my friends – the people I care about – and we’ll have us a good old time and watch scary movies! Woot! This is going to be a blast! 
AP Photo / Larry Crowe 2
AP Photo / Larry Crowe
What’s the first thing we do? As adults? We vacuum. If anything could kill a party mood, its vacuuming. Then, there is the rest of the house cleaning to do. By the time your house is shoveled out enough to be seen by those people who’s opinions actually matter to you, you are ready for bed – not a party! 

The next thing we do is we decorate. That’s the fun part. We rekindle some of the party excitement that we had before cleaning killed it. For a Samhain party, there are a ton of fun decorations you can get. I sort of view this as very similar to the Christian Christmas parties. It is true that Santa is the not the reason for the season but he sure makes cute holiday decorations. So, someone hand me a cauldron window sticky and get the heck out of my way!

AP Photo / Larry Crowe 3
AP Photo / Larry Crowe

You know what else adults like at their parties? They like glitter and those shiny little aluminum cut-outs of seasonal shapes. We like to have a “food table” and sprinkle this stuff all around the food – which I’m sure is against the health code.. I am not sure why but, as a Martha Stewart devotee, I nearly bubble with glee when I see it. 

 Oh, but don’t be confused. Adults want to cut loose at a party the same as anyone else. Our cutting loose, though, looks a little different. We’ll wear our costumes and stand around chatting – perhaps with a glass of wine or, if I have managed to get it done, a glass of ‘fun party punch’ that has a lot of ginger-ale and orange sherbet in it. They’ll at least try one Candy Corn Cordial (vodka shots with little candy corns). We’ll eat up the fancy cupcakes and BBQ sauced mini hotdogs. One guy will get tipsy and fall asleep on the couch until his wife drives him home. Then, we’ll watch “A Nightmare Before Christmas” and start checking our watches. 

Adult parties just don’t last as long as college parties either. People have to get kids from the babysitter or get up early for work or to take their recycling to the recycling place before it gets busy on a Saturday morning, etc. Sadly, by about 10 pm, most of your adult guests have slipped off home. Even sadder yet, though I’ve enjoyed my party, I’m not disappointed to see them go.   I’m usually in bed by 11 pm, after all.   


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