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Paquiao wins by unanimous decision

The first time around it was a controversy, Bradley wins by split decision. The fans were obviously not happy with the outcome of the first fight so they had to do it again! This time fans got what they wanted. If not a knock out, fans were happy with a unanimous decision. Bradley didn’t give up without a good fight and a lot of bobbing and weaving! Quite honestly, the fact that he was dodging majority of punches thrown by Paquiao, Bradley saved himself by not allowing Paquiao to get too close to him. Any fighter that goes the distance, the full 12 rounds, has more respect than one who just lay down and die.

Paquiao wins unanimous decision over Bradley
Naoki Fukuda
Naoki Fukuda

With a gain of $20 million on the fight, Paquiao had more than his title gain back, he was fighting for pride. The Phillipino congressman could not possibly go home with another defeat. Fans don’t think his ego could take it. Going in to the fight Paquiao swore to be more aggressive in this fight, and Bradley talked a lot of trash. Fans were expecting him to not only knock Paquiao out but they more expected him to back up all the talk, unfortunately he couldn’t do it.

Make no mistake about it, this was not an easy win for Paquiao. “He tried to knock me out, I tried to knock him out,” Pacquiao said after the fight. “Many times, I hit him hard but he was still there.” Fight fans were at the edge of their seat the entire round because most of them bet that Paquiao would regain the title, as he did. Of course there were fans that don’t agree with the decision, but you can’t argue with a ref who was sitting there fight night counting blows and judging which ones were more valid than others.

At the fight were celebrities like Jack Nicholson, Will Ferrell and 50 Cent maybe hoping that his next fight will be against Money Mayweather, but we all know that may never happen. Loyal fight fans know that Mayweather is about politics and money, meaning he is the best business man in the boxing business. Considering the last eight fights Paquiao have had has ended in decision, no one thinks the champ will take such a chance, so it’s best to give it up. This fight was more than enough proof that the champ may never take that chance on his career being in the hands of judged or promoters that may not like him or have his best interest at heart.

Boxing is not a sport of heart and performance anymore, but of pure MONEY and POWER, everybody knows that and anyone that will turn down $150 million is proof enough that there is more to this match up than “they say.” At this stage of the game and all the drama that has conspired around this mega fight, Mayweather is a very smart man for thinking twice before he considers this fight. So fans will have to waits to see if the champ decides to fall into the trap or not. Chance are we will see him fight Manuel Marquez or Mike Alvarado next, whom which Bob Arum also promotes.

“I think I can fight for two more years,” said Paquiao after the fight. So now boxing fans will have to wait until the May 17th fight between Juan Manuel Marquez and Mike Alvarado to see who will get their chance at the champ next. “I have no problem with fighting Marquez again, but that’s up to my promoter, Bob Arum,” Paquiao said. Considering Bradley ended Paquiao’s 15 year winning streak it only makes sense to match Paquiao up with another fighter on the Arum rooster, that way all the money stays at home. This fighter generated 1.3 million pay-per-view buys, the biggest audience of Paquiao’s career, so one can image what his next fight will draw. Why wouldn’t Arum want it all?

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