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Paperless Billings

Remember years ago when snail email was our only answer? Today every website is asking us to go paperless

How has paperless affected your life? Do you really pay on time ,and do you always have money in your account?

Paperless is definitely easier, no writing a check, no envelop, and no stamp. That's great but what if we are busy and we don't remember to put money in our account?

Today with paperless, we need to enter it to our account and be accountable that the money is always there.

I think the greatest advantage is to the creditors themselves. They don't have to wait for the money in the mail and wait for the check to clear.

Are we becoming a society that is taking the client for granted and only out for the creditors best interest?

What are your thoughts?

As always keep our environment safe.


Eileen Gould


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