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Paper stuffed Valentine's heart craft

Valentines Day
Valentines Day
Photo by Cindy Ord

Valentine's Day is full of love and hearts, it is also a great time to make a paper stuffed heart craft. This heart craft project is great excellent for kids and adults to make for décor and/or gifts.

The paper stuffed heart crafts are easy to make, fun to do and the Valentine's craft looks really festive too. These Valentine's heart crafts look so cute sitting on a shelf against the wall or hanging from the ceiling in the home.

I originally used these fun paper crafts in my classroom as a class project for Valentine's Day, once all the paper stuffed Valentine's hearts were hung from the ceiling in my classroom, the room looked so ready for our Valentine's party and the kids loved seeing their work of art hung in the classroom.

Here you will find easy to follow directions for making a paper stuffed Valentine's heart.

Paper grocery bags
Staples or glue
Tempera paint
Paint brush
Ribbon or yarn


1. Sketch a large size heart on the paper grocery bag, making sure to have two layers of the grocery bag together so that there is a front and back once the heart is cut out.

2. Using a paintbrush and tempera paint, free hand paint or stencil any desired images or designs on the paper heart. Children of most any age and adults will do well with making an interesting paint design on the heart. Focusing paint colors on the reds, pinks and purples are always fun but any colors look great on this paper craft project. Allow time for the paint to dry.

3. Staple the edges or glue the edges of the front and back of the paper heart craft together and be sure to leave a little opening for stuffing. If you choose to hang the paper stuffed Valentine's heart, hole punch or cut a small hole at the top of the heart that is large enough for a ribbon or yarn to go through. Place the ribbon or yarn through the hole at this time.

4. Gently place scrunched up newspaper balls inside the paper Valentine's heart craft, making the heart as full as you would like. Once you have the paper heart craft full enough, seal the opening of the paper craft by stapling or gluing.

5. Display or hang your paper stuffed Valentine's heart.

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