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Paper Shower towelettes keep you clean on the go

No time to shower, no worries
No time to shower, no worries
Courtesy Paper Shower

Racing from your workout at Crunch to an audition or business meeting with no time to shower because those wacky workouts were irresistible? No worries stock up on Paper Shower—wet and dry towelettes that clean you up fast.

Paper Shower® are handy wipes for staying fresh on the go. They are a first-of-its-kind, wet-dry towelette system hermetically sealed in a small, foldable pack that drops easily into a handbag, backpack, carry-on baggage or pocket. Packs sell for less than dollar on line at

The company is heading for major expansion on the heels of selling more than a quarter million units worldwide, including packs to the NFL (namely NY Giants & NY Jets). Paper Shower® provide a personal hygiene solution ideal for travelers (great to have handy during long plane, car or train rides), gym members, cyclists, outdoor adventurists and parents of toddlers.

Unlike typical wet wipes which can barely clean your hands, have a high alcohol content and leave one's skin nearly as dirty and sticky as it was before, Paper Shower® is a 10”x12” durable towelette that is designed to be the ultimate substitute for a shower.

While your LA Beauty Examiner prefers bathing or showering, I did sample the product this morning after my Runyon Canyon hike and it proved refreshing and cleansing.