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Paper football practices flag folding skills

A paper football practices flag folding skills.
A paper football practices flag folding skills.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Learning how to fold an American flag is a requirement for most scouting programs. After teaching the scouts how to fold a real flag, the same skill can be used to make a paper football.

You will need a piece of scrap paper; an old flyer, or a page from a magazine. Fold the sheet in half lengthwise (hotdog) twice. Fold one corner up to make a right triangle. Fold that triangle up to make a square end. Continue folding up at an angle, square, angle, until there is only a small portion left.

Fold in one corner of the piece that is left, and tuck it under the last fold of the triangle.

Playing paper football requires two players. One player makes a field goal post, and the other tries to kick the ball through the goal.

To make a field goal post, hold both index fingers pointing straight up. Hold out the thumbs to make the crossbar. To “kick” the ball, hold the paper triangle on one tip, with the hypotenuse facing the kicker. Hold the football in this position with the index finger of the non-kicking hand. Use the other hand to press the middle finger against the tip of the thumb. Press the middle finger against the thumb, and then pull it forward, flicking the football with the middle fingernail.

If the football goes through the goal post, the player gets one point and another turn. If the ball misses the goal, the turn passes to the other player. Continue until someone makes ten points.

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