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Paper and Modern Health

Most people have never considered the effect that paper has on the environment and therefore the health of our species and our planet. Paper is a byproduct of trees, which are in ever scarcer supply. People have been using trees for wood for thousands of years, but the 7 billion and more people currently living on Earth are slowly starting to place added strain on the world.

As the Earth is less capable of handling the strain, it is also less capable of providing the oxygen humans need and removing the carbon dioxide we humans create. Even though the global warming issue may not be completely man made, it is definitely not something that can be ignored.

This is one of the reasons why companies that provide business cards on recycled paper or more efficient techniques can make a huge difference in the world today. When there is more oxygen due to the trees on this planet, it will definitely help to sustain life for a lot longer.

In Boston and other parts of the United States, we have not yet seen the full scale of manufacturing that can cause ill-health effects. In countries like China and Indonesia, the problems are apparent with lung diseases and a variety of cancers.

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