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Papa Murphy's Pizza

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A trend that is currently popular with pizza lovers are the take 'n bake pizzas. Basically, they are pizzas that can be ordered ahead of time or in person, made, then taken to to be baked at home.

Papa Murphy's got it's start in Hillboro, Oregon in 1991. Then in 1984, a chain was built in Petaluma, California. Terry Collins, then merged the two chains in 1995, where the company was acquired in Vancouver, Canada and named Papa Murphy's.

Today there are more than 1,300 chains across the United States and is the 5th most popular pizza chain in America.

An amazing array of melt-in-your-mouth flavors provided at Papa Murphy's gives the menu edge with its interchangeable ingredients. The pizza giant allows one to customize their own pizza of choice choosing from the type of crust, cheeses, meats, to amount and types of sauce and veggies. The types of pizzas offered on the menu, truly makes Papa Murphy's a great place to go to fill one's craving.

Another type of pizza that can be ordered at the restaurant is the pan pizza. This indulgent crust is thick and buttery and can be customized with any topping, or one can choose from a choice of the Hawaiian, a topping of fresh Dole pineapples, Canadian bacon, freshly shredded mozzerella cheese made from 100% whole milk all on a mouthwatering base of red tomato sauce. The Murphy's combo shows how to do pizza right with a blend of salami, pepperoni, sausage,mushrooms,mixed onions and black olives.

If thin and crispy is preferable, there is the Delite crust option. The cracker-like texture gives any topping a light, feel good satisfaction. Coupled well with the veggie pizza, light chicken, or even meat. The crust gives any topping a trifecta of taste, light texture and crispness.

Signature pizzas are what makes Papa Murphy's famous, with its timeless recipes that never fail to tantalize the taste buds. The Hawaiian toppings is a favorite among pizza lovers as is the Murphy's combo that is great for meat lovers who enjoy something hearty and savory.

Other options include the stuffed 2 layer pizza with a braided crust that comes with stuffed chicken and bacon or popular flavors such as the Chicago style pizza.

Many more varieties are offered on the menu, even for kids. The idea of a kit that is easy to use and can be put together at home, allows children to cook and have fun.

Papa Murphy's sides are just as delicious as the pizzas with the S'mores dessert pizza topped with marshmallows, chocolate chips and other crispy toppings. The Cinnamon Wheel makes a spectacular dessert with its buttery crust, cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top, dashed with cream cheese frosting.

Made with 100% whole milk, the cheesy bread is great alone and pairs great with Papa Murphy's garden salad, with its light and crispy romaine, lettuce, blends of vegetable and choice of salad dressing.

With so many flavors to choose from at Papa Murphy's, one cannot possibly try everything in one sitting, which is great because at this unique restaurant, one can choose what ever they want, each slice could even be a different flavor.

Enjoy the Gourmet chicken and garlic pizza and half it with the Cowboy roundup. Enjoy them separately or blend both flavors. The options are endless at Papa Murphy's.

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