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Papa John's free pizza: New Spokane Papa John's store to give away free pizza

Papa John's will be giving out some free pizza in Spokane soon.
Papa John's will be giving out some free pizza in Spokane soon.
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Papa John's free pizza is coming to a new location in Spokane. A new Papa John's location on the South Hill will be offering free pizza to the first 100 customers when the doors are finally opened. According to a report from Sunday (May 25), the store is going to be located at 2926 S Regal Street.

Opening day for the new store is on Thursday (May 29), with the potential that quite a few customers are going to show up. Store owner Matt Goodwin isn't just offering free pizza for the day either, but rather for the rest of the year. The promotion calls for the first 100 customers at the store to receive pizza for the next year.

The exact parameters of the promotion haven't been revealed just yet and Goodwin hasn't indicated whether it will apply to those customers that order online or over the phone. What could be very interesting to see is just how many people in the area decide to go line up in person in order to ensure that they are one of the first customers through the door on May 29. Doors open at 11 a.m. PT according to Goodwin.

The Papa John's free pizza is also being offered through the new Facebook page for the store. They are offering a promotion on there where users can also win through liking their page and sharing information about the store opening. It's definitely a good way to get the word out about the new location, especially since many people on the South Hill have wanted a store since the one on 29th and Regal closed in 2010.

This brand new Papa John's Spokane location is certainly looking to make a big splash during its opening week and that could really help with summer sales if the customers continue to flock there after the promotion has ended.