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Pantip Plaza in Bangkok, Thailand photo slideshow

Pantip Plaza in Bangkok, Thailand has a parking garage if you elect to take a vehicle.
Pantip Plaza in Bangkok, Thailand has a parking garage if you elect to take a vehicle.
Steven K Scott

Pantip Plaza in the Ratchathewi district of Bangkok, Thailand, is the most well-known computer and technology store in Bangkok, and possibly all of Thailand. Situated in a five story building among Bangkok's wholesale fashion malls, Pantip Plaza has just about everything an IT-guru might want.

Everything from software, electronics, DVD's, cameras, mobile phones, laptops, and computer peripherals can be purchased at Pantip Plaza. There's also a food court on the second floor with pretty good Thai food and cheap beer if you're planning to make it a day of shopping at Pantip Plaza.


  • Take a tuk-tuk or taxi to Pantip Plaza. While there's a parking garage adjacent to the complex, parking can be a headache in that particular part of Bangkok with traffic jams very common.
  • Visit Platinum Fashion Mall and several other shopping centers close to Pantip Plaza. It's easy to make a full day of shopping in this area of Bangkok.
  • Get a good BTS Skytrain map and take the high-speed train to Pantip Plaza. It's cheap and easy!
  • If you take the BTS, get off at BTS Chidlom and walk about 15 minutes past Central World to Pantip Plaza.
  • Unless you're looking for cellphones and cellphone accessories, start on the third floor. The computers and cameras begin on this floor.
  • The second floor houses the notorious "pirate copies" of both software and DVD movies. The salespeople can be a little obnoxious trying to get you to buy a sex movie, but just ignore them if you're not interested.
  • Consider visiting Pantip Plaza after 1 p.m. and well-before the complex closes at 9 p.m. And don't be afraid to negotiate for the best price possible.
  • Also visit Central World, located near Pantip Plaza.
  • For more information, see Bangkok Magazine and see what others have to say about Pantip Plaza.
  • Also consider shopping at the Platinum Fashion Mall. It's well-known for women's clothing at incredible prices.

Pantip Plaza

604/3 Ratchathewi Road

Bangkok, Thailand 10400

Phone: 66 2 250 1555

Open: 10:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m.

Tripadvisor provides excellent reviews of Pantip Plaza and lets you see comments by others who've visited the store.

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