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‘Panoplia’ review at Epicure Cafe, Fairfax, Virginia

Diana Adams, painting
Diana Adams, painting
James George

‘Panoplia’ runs though August 12th.

Diana Adams, painter and photographer
James George

Fairfax, Virginia is a lovely town and county where culture can surely thrive. The Fairfax Art League was closed last night, but it is filled with art inside. Painter, Jason Davis has a couple of paintings in the window. He is an artist with explosive talent. Keep an eye on him.

The “happening” was on the edge of the city at a lively venue for modern artists and entertainment of an assortment of types. “Panoplia” exhibit shows that the Bunnyman Bridge Collective members cannot only produce work of their own, they can curate one heck of a show.

It was more than it was billed because contributing artists showed much more than their portfolios revealed (even though that was substantial).

I want to feature some artists who afforded great surprises. I knew a little about, Diana Adams, a member of Falls Church Arts. She is a photographer who incorporates Pez dispensers in her work, giving them context. That is funny and her photo art is high quality. Now, take away the camera. Can she paint? Oh my yes she can. She has an excellent design sense and produced a collection of variations on a theme that are spectacular, and collectable. While the cafe may not do them justice with constrained lighting and some visual clutter, these paintings are fantastic.

Alex Beck, also seen in Falls Church, has many pieces in this show. His realistic treatment is moody and subtly entertaining, and maybe even a bit mysterious. We need to get Alex to talk more about his work. Then again, maybe Alex just wants us to talk about it amongst ourselves. OK.

Abner De Jesus was present last night at Epicure, adding to the excitement and enthusiasm for all of the artists. Work by Ricardo D. Echevarria is abstract and emotion filled. A painting by Vanessa Glick was a crisp design, but my photo doesn’t do justice because of the lighting. Jeff Duka’s landscape work is subtle and must be discovered. Search the walls.

Karen Mullarkey and Allison Ries delivered as promised. Karen blew the doors off with unanticipated colors, scale and scope of work. These artists are for collector investors.

What this exhibit and venue shows is that exceptional art is being created and shown in the suburbs of Virginia. It is being organized with exceptional competence. Get out the word that this is the place.

Hey, and how about that band? Charlie Bare Quartet, excellente.

Diana Adams

Alex Beck

Jeff Duka

Karen Mullarkey

Allison Ries

Epicure Café, is located at 11104 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA, is open 7 p.m. days a week from 5 p.m. – midnight. ‘Panoplia’ will be on view at Epicure Café from June 14 through August 2.”

Epicure Café and The Bunnyman Bridge Collective Present New Collection of Bleeding Edge Contemporary Local Art
June 14 - August 2
Opening Reception
Saturday, June 14, 7 p.m. – midnight

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