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Panini World Cup stickers: Fans flock to Craigslist, social media to make trades

Panini World Cup stickers are being traded on social media and Craigslist
Panini World Cup stickers are being traded on social media and Craigslist
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Looking for particular Panini World Cup stickers to finish your collection? With over 600 stickers to collect and 32 teams with players to gather, it makes sense for World Cup fans to spread out and find the stickers in alternate ways. In the United States, the World Cup craze has gotten so big that fans have taken to social media and digital classified boards like Craigslist to trade stickers. According to Southern Florida’s news station Local 20 on Friday, people are gathering to watch the games and swap the stickers.

World Cup fans hit up social media and Craigslist to get stickers
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

It has been at least 10 years since the demand for Panini World Cup stickers has dramatically increased like it has for the 2014 World Cup stickers. Usually collected by the kids who want to get involved, it seems that the collectors have become a little older and a little bit more serious on collecting every sticker before the end of the World Cup. The chance to watch the games and get out to socialize with others, it another reason the stickers have really influenced the games.

So how can people use digital means to find the stickers? Posting requests for trades, impromptu sessions are being set up at the local Starbucks and even street corners where fans can exchange stickers to fill out their collections. Some collectors are so serious they are posting lists of the sticker (by using the numbers) and asking people to help.

As seriously collectors do need to buy a substantial amount of Panini World Cup stickers to find all the perfect ones for the collections, it seems that there are plenty of fair exchanges and no doubt a few that won’t ever be needed are being offered up to the kids who are somewhat interested in the sport.

Thinking that you need help finishing out your Panini World Cup stickers collection? Get online and get some help. Fans who are collectors are found around the world! And can be as close as your local coffee shop.

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