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Panda watches television as way to help with depression

A "depressed" panda at the Yunnan Wild Animal Park has been watching television to make her feel better. Staffers at the animal park decided to set up a television in the panda exhibit, hoping to get the glum panda out of her funk.

The panda, named Scarlet, became close with two other pandas living in the habitat. After the two other pandas were taken out of the exhibit, Scarlet changed -- she seemed lonely, likely because she missed her friends. She wouldn't eat, wouldn't go to her room, and wouldn't engage with the staffers who attempted to play with her.

Staffers put the television in the exhibit and played videos of Scarlet playing with her panda friends -- and so far, Scarlet seems to really like it. She sits in front of the television and watches herself with her friends while she eats. It is unknown how long staffers will keep the television on for Scarlet but they are all happy that Scarlet responded positively to the videos.

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