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Panda 4.0 update: SEO fine tuning continues finest in Google quarters

Google is highly serious about retaining its top search engine position. Over the years, the algorithm updates have been evolving with the internet itself. As Google continues to understand the internet, it keeps on releasing updates fine-tuning online searching.

A statistical overview

The Panda 4.0 update rolled out a few days ago, and already it has some major impacts. Sites such as ebay,,, and suffered heavily. Some of them lost up to 75% of their usual traffic, slashed out from the first page overnight.

There have been some clear winners also, like,, and scored major hikes. For some sites, the increase in traffic was as much as 500%. Marcus of Searchmetrics published a detailed list of the winners and the Losers of Panda 4.0.

The head of Google spam, Matt Cutts enjoys an almost mythical reputation among webmasters across the globe. The company, as usual, is always highly discreet on releasing detailed info on the updates. His social media posts are often the only true insights in search engine strategizing. Matt outlined the Panda 4.0 dynamics as a fresh architecture with many ‘soft’ sides and with a solid ‘groundwork’ for continued improvements. Here is hoping to the recovery of many sites.

Groundwork for awesomeness

A study of the relative scores clarifies Google is focusing on ingenuity more than unnecessary information. The idea is to deliver a search quality so awesome that people have no complaints with spam sites. Despite the strangest restrictions, even now a few sites appearing in the first pages start downloading Trojan programs and other spam stuff.

This is clearly unacceptable by Google standards, and the company is plugging the loopholes. Ebay has been notorious for people posting anything with a high amount of scrambled signals. Google sends in a clear sign of zero tolerance. Webmasters now have to depend mandatorily on quality and originality more than ever. The Panda 4.0 is here to make sure it happens.

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