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Pancho the croc is dead

An American crocodile seen in a Florida canal.
An American crocodile seen in a Florida canal.
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Pancho, and American crocodile measuring 12-feet long and weighing in at 300 lbs has died. According to Florida Fish and Wildlife spokesman Jorge Pino, 6 trappers from Collier, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties came down to help hunt down the huge reptile after he bit two swimmers after they had left a party on Lugo Avenue in the community of Gables by the Sea around 2 a.m last weekend and decided to go for a dip in the canal behind the house. The area is designated as a crocodile sanctuary. Neither of the injuries were life threatening.

The croc died yesterday while fighting 2 of the trappers who were holding him on land. Pancho had apparently been re-located from the area, twice, but kept finding his way back. While some local residents, who know some of the local crocodiles by name (including Snaggletooth and Streetwalker) said that they had admired Pancho for his persistence, others stated they were frightened of him. They also stated that he was “the largest and the oldest, and had been around the longest.”

While crocodiles are considered a “protected species,” alligators are not. In fact, “once a croc bites a human it is transferred to a licensed facility for the rest of its life, while alligators are killed,” added Pino.