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Pancake day is here - get free pancakes and be creative

Enjoy pancakes on March 4!
Enjoy pancakes on March 4!
Katie chocolate

Pancake day is March 4! Who does not like a pancake or the smell of pancakes? Pancake day is time to celebrate and be creative with pancakes.

IHOP offers a short stack to every customer for free on Pancake day. Just show up during operating hours to enjoy.

Get your food coloring out. Get ready to make rainbow pancake. Each pancake can have a different color and then stack them. Watch as your kids and spouse smile at this creation.

Strawberry shortcake pancake is hard to resist. Layer pancakes and strawberries. Never forget the cool whip or whipped cream.

Banana split pancakes include bananas, strawberries and ice cream! So yummy.

Boston pie pancakes are the ultimate. Chocolate, pudding and pancakes sit nicely stacked together. Imagine the delight in your mouth!

The s'more pancake sounds absolutely delicious. Graham crackers, marshmallows,and chocolate with a pancake. This could easily be my favorite.

Blueberry, banana, and strawberry pancake makes any fruit lover very happy. Taste buds rejoice at every bite.

Bacon pancakes! No need to say more. Fry up some bacon, dip it in pancake batter and cook. This is the ultimate breakfast treat.

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