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Panasonic developing $2000 4k video dSLR, sets February launch date

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Some very intriguing news is trickling out of CES 2014 in regards to what Panasonic is planning for its next GH-line of mirrorless dSLR-like cameras. The specs that have everyone's ears at attention: 4k video and a price tag of about $2,000, which is not only a pioneering technology, but a previously unheard-of price.

So, what do we know of the camera? Short answer: not much.

As is being reported by Engadget, details on the next GH model are very sketchy, save the rumor of 4k video and a $2,000 price tag. However, inside sources were willing to talk about a few details. For starters, the camera (whose name is not even known yet) can record UHD content at 200 Mb per second, and output in a full live feed via a mini-HDMI port to a computer for display on a monitor or direct recording on a hard drive. AS for recording all of that data on the camera, there was a possible solution for that, too: a UHS Class 3 prototype SDXC card. The camera will also be able to simultaneously snap photos while recording video.

Another important detail that was divulged: a probable release date: late February.

As for what 4k video is, it is extremely high resolution, as in 4096x2160 pixels, video. In the realm of digital cameras, it has appeared only on a single other model: the Canon EOS 1D C, which was announced back in 2012 and which sells for $12,000., The Canon 1D C and rumored Panasonic aside, all previous video-capable cameras max out at a measly 1080p HD (1920x1080 pixel) resolution, which is only about a quarter that of 4k video.

In the end, only time will divulge the specifics of the camera, which means that, for budget-conscious people who are very involved in video production, the next few weeks will involve a lot of nail-biting and drooling.

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