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Panama seizes $7M drug money: 3 men with drug money detained at airport

Panama seizes $7M drug money and has detained three men in possible connection with the drug bust. On Jan. 14, eCanadaNow reported that three men from Honduras were stopped at Panama City Tocumen International Airport where they had the money in their suitcases. Police say that they received a tip and that's how they knew to stop these men and check their luggage.

"Each of the men arrived on a flight from Tegucigalpa and had the money in $100 bills concealed in compartments inside the luggage. It is well-known that Panama is the place to launder drug money or any money that people want to keep away from the eyes of tax thirsty governments (sic)," eCanadaNow reports.

Although Panama seized $7M drug money, some believe that the police could have been making the story up -- just to make it seem like they have the upper hand in the drug war that has seemingly been taking over the Central American nation. Since authorities have never really had a grasp on the drug activity in Panama, this sort of catch is pretty major. $7M is a lot of money -- and it's certainly not the type of thing you hear about every now and again. In fact, drugs and drug money are generally smuggled with ease in the area.

"Drugs flow easily through this impoverished nation with smugglers having superior speed boats, technology, and certainly weaponry. Additionally, they have well paid connections much as they have in throughout the rest of Central America and Mexico," eCanadaNow reports.

If Panama seized $7M drug money and police really did receive a tip about the men who attempted to smuggle it, perhaps this is a turning point in the drug war. Thoughts?

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