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Pan American Games Kickoff gets sports travel pros in motion

Canoe and kayaking events will take place close to Niagara Falls, about an hour’s drive south of Toronto
Canoe and kayaking events will take place close to Niagara Falls, about an hour’s drive south of Toronto
Artist's Sketch from Toronto 2015

The 2015 Pan American Games is going to feature world class sports at prices so affordable average families will be able to enjoy a similar experience to Olympic test events in Rio de Janeiro at a fraction of the cost. The host city, Toronto, offers a good choice of affordable accommodations and dining. And nearby Niagara Falls offers more choices with the added bonus of a world famous sightseeing attraction. About one-third of American families live close enough to Toronto to drive there in one day, and discount carriers like WestJet serve most of the rest of the U.S. The weekend’s “One-Year Countdown” event is calling attention to the ways that planning this year will enhance the 2015 Games experience.

The 2015 Pan American Games will be the largest international sports event next year. That is because the Pan American Games includes 36 sports, plus 15 Paralympic sports for the August 2015 events. Several, such as water-skiing, racquetball, and bowling, are not Olympic sports so the 2015 Pan American Games will be the premiere event for fans. The large number of different sports are being accommodated by five different regions of Greater Toronto, a downtown cluster that will also host an athlete’s village and four suburban regions. So advance planning will help get travelers closer to the sports they want to see.

Kayaking, rowing, cycling and soccer events will take place close to Niagara Falls, about an hour’s drive south of Toronto. Tennis, equestrian competitions, mountain biking and several other sports will be hosted in suburban areas north of Toronto. A custom built sports complex east of Toronto will present aquatic events, fencing, modern pentathlon and several Paralympic sports. Downtown Toronto will be the location for gymnastics, volleyball, rugby and other popular sports that attract large crowds and will be easy to get to with Toronto’s excellent subway and commuter rail network. Nearby Lake Ontario will provide a scenic backdrop for sailing and water skiing competitions.

Toronto’s hospitality industry has been showcasing its talents at the annual Toronto Wine and Spirits Festival, held next to the headquarters of the 2015 Pan American Games Organization. The harbor location is a reminder that oceangoing ships can travel up the Saint Lawrence seaway to dock in Toronto with delicacies like Atlantic oysters and lobsters and rum and tequila from Caribbean countries whose athletes will be competing in the Games. The athletes might be dining on lighter fare at the Athlete’s Village, but sports travel planners will relish the variety of choices for business entertainment and group events.

Travelocity is already accepting reservations for July 2015 and has several good offers under $100 per night. That includes $99 a night offers at both the Radisson Hotel Toronto East and Toronto Furnished Living Forest Manor, where families can make their own sports nutrition programs in a private kitchen. University of Toronto’s New College Residences at Wilson Hall and 45 Wilcocks offer comfortable accommodations under $40 per night, but book up quickly. So if you want to save with this program, be sure to reserve this summer to get the most out of next summer’s highlights at the 2015 Pan American Games.

If you would like to add 2015 Pan American Games experience to your resume, the team is now accepting applications. Learn more at this link.

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